Unturned interface is very straightforward and usually has hover tip!

The main things to know is on your bottom left screen. It displays your Health, Food, Water, Radiation, Stamina, and Oxygen.

Health: Displays your health points. (Heal it up with medical items.)
Food: Displays your hunger bar. (Regain it with Food items.)
Water: Displays your thirst. (Regain it with [/drink Drink items.)
Radiations: Displays your radiation level. (Regain it with certain [/medical medical items.)
Stamina: Displays your energy. (Regain it by resting.)
Oxygen: Displays your health. (Regain it by resting.)

There are three event icons that pop up on the bottom left screen.

Full Moon: Notifies if it is a full moon.
Bleeding: Notifies if you are bleeding, drops your health bar.
Radiation: Notifies if you are 'infected', drops your radiation bar.

The secondary things to know (in a vehicle) is on your bottom right screen. It displays Gas, KPH/Speed, and Health.

Gas: Displays how much gas the vehicle has. (Refuel with a Gas item.)
KPH: Displays the speed you're going in the vehicle.
Health: Displays the vehicle's health. (Fix it with Blowtorch item.)

The second main things are your Inventory, Craft, Skills, and Information Menu.

Inventory: Displays all the items you are carrying and your player model.
Under the player model - Toggle Cosmetics, Toggle Skins, Toggle Mythics, and a player model scroll bar.
Under the bar under player model - Shows primary and secondary slots.
Middle of screen: Your inventory items and equipment.
Right of the inventory - Vehicle Menu and Nearby Menu.

Craft: Displays the crafting menu.
Top bar - Shows all categories of the crafting menu.
Below the top bar - Search bar, the ability to quick search items!
Right of the search bar - Toggle between showing and hiding uncraftable blueprints.
Below the search bar - All the items that are craftable with the items in your inventory.

Skills: Displays the skills menu.
Top three icons - Offense / Defense / Support.
Below the three icons - The skills you can learn/have learned.
Bottom of the screen - Your experience and Random Boost

Information: Displays information.
Middle of the screen - Static/GPS or Map (Must have Chart or GPS)
Bottom of the screen - Zoom In, Zoom Out, Center, (Toggle between) Map or Satellite.
Right of the screen - Player listing along with Mute and Kick.

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