[X] Invert LookReverse the vertical when controlling the view.
[X] Invert FlightReverse the vertical when controlling the view.

[ 1 ] Sensitivity MultiplierHow much your sensitivity is multiplied.
[ Hold ] AimingHold/Toggle when Aiming Down Sights.
[ Toggle ] CrouchingHold/Toggle when Crouching.
[ Toggle ] ProningHold/Toggle when Proning.
[ Hold ] SprintingHold/Toggle when Sprinting.
[ Hold ] LeaningHold/Toggle when Leaning.


UpMove forwards. [W]
DownMove backwards. [S]
LeftMove leftwards. [A]
RightMove rightwards. [D]
JumpJump upwards. [Space]
SprintUse stamina to run faster in any direction. [LeftShift]


CrouchKneeling to get a lower position than standing, moves slow and less noisy. [X]
ProneLaying to get a lower position than crouching, moves slower and no noise. [Z]
Quick StanceQuickly get to a different stance [O]
Lean LeftLean leftwards to peak an angle or in third person change to left side over shoulder. [Q]
Lean RightLean rightwards to peak an angle or in third person change to right side over shoulder. [E]
Swap PerspectiveChange from first to third person and vice versa. [H]
GestureOpen the gesture menu to select gestures and emotes. [C]


InteractInteract (picking up and open/closing) with items and objects. [F]
PrimaryThe main click. [Mouse #1]
SecondaryThe not main click. [Mouse #2]


Reload GunReload your weapon with a new magazine. [R]
Gun AttachmentOpen the attachment menu to add or remove attachment to your weapon. [T]
FiremodeSwitch between Safety, Auto, Burst, or Semi. [V]
Toggle TacticalToggle your tactical attachment. [B]
Toggle VisionToggle your vision. [N]
Inspect WeaponInspect your weapon. [F]
Rotate ItemRotate items in your inventory. [R]
Dequip ItemDequip item from your primary or secondary slot. [Tilde]


Voice ChatCommunicate to other players with a microphone and voice (In an area radius). [LeftAlt]
World ChatCommunicate to all players with text. [J]
Area ChatCommunicate to players in your area radius with text. [K]
Group ChatCommunicate to all group members with text. [L]


Toggle HUDToggle your HUD. [Home]
Quick ActionQuickly do an action like equip, dequip, drop, or pickup with the assistance of Mouse #1 and Mouse #2. [LeftControl]
DashboardQuickly open the last opened interface. [Tab]
Inventory*Open your inventory menu. [G]
CraftingOpen your crafting menu. [Y]
SkillsOpen your skills menu. [U]
MapOpen your map menu. [M]
Player List**Open your player list menu.


LockOpen your vehicle lock menu. [O]
Roll LeftRoll leftwards. [LeftArrow]
Roll RightRoll rightwards.[RightArrow]
Pitch UpPitch upwards. [UpArrow]
Pitch DownPitch downwards. [DownArrow]
Yaw LeftYaw Leftwards. [A]
Yaw RightYaw Rightwards. [D]
Thrust IncreaseIncrease thrust. [W]
Thrust DecreaseDecrease thrust. [S]


Quick ActionQuickly do an action. [LeftShift]
Snap MeasurementSnap your object's measurement degree. [LeftControl]
Focus ViewFocus your view on the selected object. [F]
AscendChange to upwards. [Q]
DescendChange to downwards. [E]
Tool #1Select Tool #1. [Q]
Tool #2Select Tool #2. [W]
Tool #3Select Tool #3. [E]
Tool #4Select Tool #4. [R]

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