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Austrian assault rifle chambered in Ranger ammunition.

Type: Gun
Rarity: Epic
Slot: Primary
ID: 1362

The Augewehr is a Primary weapon introduced in the Arms Shipment Pt. 2 Update ( This weapon uses Ranger Magazines, and can also hold the Ranger Drum.

This weapon is one of 2 weapons (the other being the Shadowstalker) that spawns with a scope instead of Iron sights. The scope has a 4x magnification.


  • PEI: Airdrop
  • Washington: Airdrop
  • Russia: Volk Military Base, Zavod, Silo 22 (Deadzone), Coalition Base (Unmarked, Deadzone) and Ivan (Unmarked)


  • Slots: 4x2
  • Stamina: N/A
  • Durability: 0.2
  • Range: 200m
  • Repair Cost: 4 Metal Scrap, Blowtorch
  • Level: Engineer I
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